APP/Dept on Proline 21 Carenado King Air 350

When creating a flight plan and selecting departures and/or approaches these are not loading on the flight plan after clicking “EXECUTE” I’m using FSX, airplane is Carenado King Air 350i with Proline 21, using the latest cycle 2204 Rev 1



Navigraph provides the navdata for some Carenado aircraft.

I believe you have a user query for Carenado rather than a Navigraph data issue. Best to ask in the Carenado forum.


Hi Ian,

I already asked Carenado and they told me to ask Navigraph



Hi Camilo,
as Ian wrote: we “only” provide the data but we have no influence on any logic in the addon (or only very limited). Thats not Carenado specific, thats valid for all addons.

That means in your case, you create a flightplan and can’t add a terminal procedure but we provide terminal procedures. Therefore two options:

You have installed the files into a wrong place or something happened in the addon which we doesn’t know.

Both answers can be answered from us, but as you wrote you are using AIRAC 2204 means option #1 is correct so far. Option #2 can onky answered by Carenado.

Sorry for the ping pong, but it’s difficult for us too.


Thank you for clarifying that, I’ll re-install both aircraft and navdata to see if that will fix it.




Ah Camilo, perfect idea yes … but one additional tip: try to use the default database, which comes with the setup. I mean don’t make any AIRAC uodates before (of course if this is possible from your side).

When this works, you can than try to make an update. If that doesn’t work you know - somewhere a bug in the Carenado addon.

Please let us know your result, possible we can learn something from you too :+1::sunglasses:

Thank you and a nice evening

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