Adding ENOE as a destination

i hope that Navi graph can add ENOE as a destination

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+1 please :


I haven´t found any information in the AIP Norway about this airport - I guess this is a private only airport too and therefore not included in our source, sorry. When someone can offer all airport details in the ARINC424 format, we can add it …

Sorry for the not so good news …


Hi thanks for the reply also i have found the way to flew to troll station once again thank you for the reply

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Hello, how did you do it please? How to produce a SimBrief plan to make the FACT-ENOE or FACT-715742S0022446E route? Thanks for your help

hi if you want to see my route i can shoot you my discord and send you the route
^ my discord user name

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here its it the route

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Here we go!
Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Can you show me the landing when you land : D?

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Touch down sir !
I changed the date and time to see something. I see there’s a scene from for ENOE, I’ll see if that’s better and probably do this flight again with more preparation :slight_smile:

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greatnews to hear may i ask you how many hour it took to get from FACT-ENOE? and its it exactly like my flight plan i give it to you

also welcome to antarica

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btw I lost some time to get a visual on rway, using scene should be better next time better :

can you send a friend request on discord to me my discord:

Can you send me a friend request my discord: hominhkhoa

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