All chart categories shown in a single List

I use Navigraph 100% of the time flying online and offline and watch some of the streaming videos. I typically have departure or arrival charts listed on the left under 5 separate category tabs (STAR, APP, TAXI, SID, REF). I have to click on a category to view corresponding charts for that group only. But I noticed in some videos, they able to scroll through the entire list of charts arranged in a single list but sorted by category. I find it convenient to jump in quickly and click on the specific one to “pin” or “unpin” rather than jumping from tab to tab. How do I show that view of a single list?


Hi Kamel,

I am not aware of a list combining STAR, APP, TAXI, SID, REF entries.

In any event we are beta testing a new Charts Version which has a new user interface.

I suggest you hold over your suggestion until this is released.


Thanks Ian and I appreciate your direct, timely, and personal answers.
Keep up the good work. I have a feeling anyone serious about flying the sims will have to get a subscription to Navigraph.
Need investors :slight_smile: ?

Thanks again,

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Hi Kamel,

You are welcome. Thank you for your kind words.

Happy flying.


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