Following charts

Dear Navighraph Team,

first i have to say, that your chart prorgram is awesome. Despite the change from LIDO to Jeppesen :wink:

Now to my question:
Is it possible to add a feature for a loaded flight via Simbrief, that the Charts (the data is already from Simbrief delivered), “follow” the ongoing flight?
As example: I start at a certain airport. So, first the right Taxi Chart for the moving Plane is opening automatically, after that, the chart for the approriate SID is loaded, after that the enroute chart is opening and after that, offering a STAR Chart (given by the Controller).
This all “options” can build in as an extra feature to opt in. This would help to minimize the workload as a “Sim-Single-Pilot” in a stressfull fully covered ATC environment.
This asked feature is regarded to the charts where i can see my moving plane.
I know in the real world this is not “real”, but it would help some of us simpilots.

Hope this was halfway understandable.
For further questions, i´m right here :wink:

Thx again for for your awesome product!

Kind regards

Hi …,


We have Automatic pinning of Taxi, SID, STAR and Taxi charts based on Flight Plan in our potential list of enhancements of next Charts version.

Thank you for the suggestion.