Incorrect tower frequency

Hello Support!
I have noticed that the control tower frequency for CYQR is listed incorrectly in your data (or I assume so).

I have seen this present itself through 3rd party apps I’m using n XP12. Pilot2ATC developers had to change some code for the tower frequency (118.6) to function properly in their application.

Now I’ve installed X-Chatter and it is not functioning properly because of the incorrect frequency listing in your database.

If I’m wrong on this, please let me know.
Thanks for your time.

Hi Peter,
welcome here at Navigraph … the tower frequency is 118.6 and we also offer this frequency as tower frequency for Regina Intl.

Here from our chart - tower 118.60 (and Radio also 118.60 when tower is not available):

… and here, what we offer in the XP12 data:

… and here, directly from the P2A database (Type 6 = TOWER, type 11 = FSS):

But in both datasets, the tower frequency is 118.60 … what wrong frequency do you see? Also what do you mean, that the dev from P2A had changed the code that the tower works correctly?


Thank you for the quick reply.

I use Pilot2 ATC. When I first started using it to contact CYQR tower frequency (118.6), Pilot2ATC software would tell me that I was contacting Regina FSS.

I wrote to the developer of Pilot2ATC and he said he created a a new controller type Tower-FSS or Tower-Radio in a beta release that I downloaded and used with success.

I recently purchased X-Chatter. When I’m using ground frequency (121.9) hear the chatter that X-chatter provides. This tells me it is installed correctly. When I switch to tower frequency (118.6) all the chatter stops. At first I thought it might be a limitation of X-chatter, then I recalled the frequency issue I had with Pilot2ATC a few months prior. I now believe (or assume) there is something incorrect in the Navigraph data. This is twice now that there are issues with the tower frequency 118.6.

Thanks for any help you can give.

… but as I have shown you, the frequency is correct in the data but it seems that the 3rd party addons doesn’t support multiple frequence types.

As you wrote P2A does support it now in the beta without any data change from our side and it worked. I don’t know which dataset X-Chatter uses but it could be the same reason, no support of multiple frequency.

As you see in the screenshots above the tower freq 118.6 is defined correctly. Also the Radio/FSS frequency, in case no tower ops.

Sorry, but I don’t see any data issue nor a wrong tower frequency.


Thanks Richard. I will continue trying to contact X-Chatter and Pilot2ATC.

Solved by Pilot2ATC! Thanks Navigraoh for your quick response and thanks Dave for your quick fix to my issue!!

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Hi Peter,
thank you for the feedback. Dave from P2A is very responsible and we have a very good releationship with him. So fine, when at least he has solved this for you. Great to hear …

Thanks again for your posting and your understanding. Feel free to contact us again, whenever you have a question.

Have a nice day

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