Aircraft request: L1011-385-1 Tristar

I fly the L1011-1 by Captainsim frequently and would love it if I could contribute fuel burn data and cost analysis/whatever other information needed. It’s a great model and I think that perhaps others could benefit from correct statistics for their flight plans.


Hi Andy,

For now I think the best way would be to create a custom airframe in SimBrief, adjust it based on your experience, and share it with other users here! Custom airframes can be created in the My Fleet section.

Simply choose the L101 as a base type, edit the weights and options as required to match the Captainsim model, and optionally adjust the performance values based on your flights with the Captainsim. For example, if SimBrief routinely plans 5% less fuel than Captainsim uses, you could enter a Fuel Factor of “P005” (+ 5%).

You can then share this airframe with other users (feel free to post the link in this thread if you’d like) by clicking the “Share Aircraft” link. Make sure to save the aircraft first though!

Best regards,

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