Custom Profiles

Good morning!

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a feature that allows users to create custom profiles. For example, there are profiles for both the King Air 200 and 350, but I would like to see one for the King Air C90. I know that a person can go in and change the parameters of the base model, say the 200, but the profile would still show the base model as the B200, and there appears no way to change that.

Again, was just asking out of curiosity. Thank you for the fabulous product you have so far!


Just to clarify, the Base Model is only shown in the Fleet editor. It just indicates which default profile you based your airframe off of. When you actually create a flight plan using this airframe, the base model won’t be shown anywhere, and instead you’ll see the name and code you entered in the airframe options.

More airframe options will probably be added in the future as well, of course. The next one to be added will probably be a speed adjustment factor, to adjust the cruising speed higher or lower than the base type.

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