Aircraft not shown on KLAS Airport Diagram in MSFS (?)

Flew into McCarran today and shut the airplane off at the gate, then decided i wanted to check Navigraph Jeppesen KLAS Airport chart to see if gate numbers were showing up, but the Aircraft icon was not visible on the airport plate (?)

It DOES show up when in flight as a ‘red triangle’ - and wonder if I can get a better looking icon than just a triangle on the moving map? Something that looks more like a jet? I have the latest version of SimConnect installed from your website.

Thanks for any help and guidance.

Hi …,

You probably selected a non geo-referenced ground chart which cant display Moving Map. Chart 10-9 generally does:

Please also see my posts at Geo-reference for moving maps and ESGG "Moving map" - #5 by KaptenEk.

Your suggestion re Moving Map icon will be considered for next Charts release.


Thanks Ian - I understand what you are telling me, BUT - I primarily was interested in Jeppesen charts for two data points, the radio altitude at various airports is a bit easier to spot than in the FAA charts (plus Jeppesen are defacto considered ‘the most accurate’) and the GATE NUMBERS at the airports themselves. When ATC is telling you to park at gate XYZ, it’s really helpful to have a detailed map that has the gate numbers themselves shown. Looking at chart 10-9B the chart itself does NOT state it does NOT support moving maps - you must have typed that red lettering dialog in while responding to my inquiry?

Also, I have to say that your charts app itself seems a bit cumbersome to navigate in, and I’m wondering what other sim pilots are feeling about it? I will say your pricing is much more appealing that ForeFlight is for Jeppesen charts! That said, it’s painful on the iPad to swap back and forth with Foreflight to grab data from the Jeppesen charts in your app.

Took your advice and signed up for MONTHLY on the ULTIMATE sub plan to ‘try out’ the Jep charts/app. I will give it a 30 day trial period to try to make a determination. Of course your Airacs alone are very much worthwhile!

Thanks for considering putting in an ‘aircraft’ icon in lieu of the triangle :smiley:



I am not so devious :slightly_smiling_face:. My screenshot is from Charts Desktop where that red warning appears. I just circled it for clarity.

On Charts iOS, the warning appears when you first open say charts 10-9B

We are working on a new Charts offering so any suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Being able to quickly access the appropriate charts for a given flight would be key. Oftentimes a pilot has an idea of the likely intended approach and runway when they depart on a flight. Having the likely plates availBle quickly from within the moving map seems key. Possibly via tabs something a little bit like are in Google chrome. Speed is very important when you’re trying to get data during a flight. So that’s something that comes to mind. I have to say that the way plates are organized in foreflight is not ideal. I’m having a very difficult time using foreflight. They are proud of their binders where you can group plates together for specific airports. But in reality I am less than impressed with navigating throughout the plates in fore flight. If you ask me what would be a perfect solution some methodology where I could say I want this departure I want this arrival and I want this approach say those three plates plus the plate for the airport destination for a total of four plates all available on tabs where I can tab back and forth amongst them quickly during my flight. I would have these all selected prior to take off. Again speed to me is very important I don’t want to fumble around looking for the plates while I’m trying to talk to ATC plus steer the airplane as a solo Sim pilot. Of course in the real world you have a first officer that can help juggle the duties but when you’re doing it all as a single person it’s just not great to have to fumble around looking for this piece of data or that piece of data. I’m sure your other users that have been using your software for a longer period you can probably give you greater or more effective input. I just began using your program and so I’m at a disadvantage. Plus I’m having to learn a new airframe the Airbus a320 having come out of the Boeing 737-800 which is not supported as yet in msfs.

On the subject of the airport diagrams that are do not support moving maps is that a Jeppesen issue or is that an issue with your software? In other words does Jeppesen make some plates that support moving maps but not others?

And one thing that did occur to me that would be wonderful if there was some way of pilot could ask for the chart to be opened via voice command. For example open ILS runway 26 right at klas. Or in a perfect world that plate would automatically open at the appropriate place on the moving map all by itself provided the pilot it designated that was the intended approach when he Departed for that airport. The more interactive your software is the greater it’s appeal will be. Just a thought that occurred to me thinking about what features would make your product more irresistible.


Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions, which we shall consider.
As a past VATSIM user, I can relate to the need for fast access to Charts whilst controllers are on line :slightly_smiling_face:

Re geo-referenced charts as per my link above:

Maps are provided by our data supplier. We have little influence on whether they are supplied
geo-referenced or not, though in time we hope there will be more.

Taxi and parking stands charts are usually distorted and not drawn to scale, and hence can’t be
geo-referenced unfortunately. See also my post at ESGG “Moving map” - #5 by KaptenEk


Hi Ian,
Thanks for your usual prompt reply! I greatly admire the fact that you so actively support your users’ requests for assistance. I understand about the taxi stands ‘not to scale’ that makes perfect sense as to why they cannot show on moving maps. Particularly in ‘huge’ airports like KLAS/Las Vegas. I will adapt to it. I do like your offerings and of course LOVE SimBrief. One thing - I fly the ‘FlybyWire.sim Airbus A320neo (mod) for MSFS’. Is there some way that SimBrief could develop a more accurate fuel profile than is presently offered for the A320? It’s my understanding that the current profile is off and requires a reduction of about 25% to be close to accurate… is that correct? Would the FlyByWire freeware developer team need to build the fuel profile or is that something SimBrief would do? Many thanks as always. LOL Vatsim. I myself began with Vatsim then later switched to (the much more demanding) PilotEdge. Cheers!

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For FBW fuel profile question, best to post in FBW forum or Simbrief Forum. We shall in time bring the Simbrief forum into our Navigraph forum structure.


Hi again Ian, I had to switch over to xmapsy because I was not getting pitch and roll data sent over to foreflight. At any rate the new product uses simconnect just like you do unfortunately the two different programs conflict so I won’t be able to use your charts program with the moving map. I just wanted to make you aware that there is a conflict. xmapsy sends gps data from msfs over to foreflight. That seems to work fairly well although there is a certain amount of lag.