Geo-reference for moving maps

Hi Navigraph stuff and other simmers,

well ´, I understand that a geo referenced point is needed to get the moving map working on the different charts. What exactly or better how is the geo-reference point defined? I had a lor of charts where moving map is not working. Sometimes really huge airports.

Isn´t it enough if there are coordinates on the chart to get moving maps working? hmmm … too bad … cause I really have to say, that your stuff is a hell of fun :slight_smile:

Greets Klaus

Hi Klaus,

Maps are provided by our data supplier. We have little influence on whether they are supplied
geo-referenced or not, though in time we hope there will be more.

Taxi and parking stands charts are usually distorted and not drawn to scale, and hence can’t be
geo-referenced unfortunately. See also my post at ESGG "Moving map" - #5 by KaptenEk


thanx Ian!

Greets Klaus

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