Airac navigraph hub


I have an annual subscription for access to all services.

I fly the 737 PMDG and have just purchased the 777-300 PMDG.

I have used NAVIGRAPH for several years for my flights.

I have the NAVIGRAPH HUB interface for AIRACs.

Since the acquisitionon 26 june and download of the 777-300 PMDG, these two aircraft no longer appear in NAVIGRAPH HUB.

I uninstalled and reinstalled NAVIGRAPH HUB with no immediate results.

This morning when the HUB opened, my two planes were visible. I close my PC.

A few hours later I launch MFS2020 while consulting NAVIGRAPH HUB and my two planes have disappeared.

Do you know the origin of this problem?

What should I do?

Thank you,

no, never seen/read that before. Do you have any other issues with your system?

I ask because the detection works or doesn’t work but not randomly on/off … Possible you remove the Hub first, de-install all PMDGs and install all PMDGs from scratch before you install the Hub again.

No other idea … sorry.


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