Airac for PMDG 738/739

Hi, For the pmdg 737-800/900 I don’t see it on navigraph hub and I just now updated it to the latest version.

So I am still stuck on 2204 airac

Hi @owenbelasco2,

With the release of the Navigraph G3X plugin the list of Navigraph plug-ins has grown so that you need to scroll down a bit to see the third party addons including PMDG: 737-800/900 :slight_smile: We will soon release an update where the Hub window can be resized to show more content.

Kind regards,


So that will update my airac?

To the manual downloads?

Yes, click on the appropriate INSTALL button to update the Navdata to the latest AIRAC:


That’s the thing, it’s not showing up. Is this because I bought them through msfs?


I uninstalled the hub and reinstalled and now it updated.

I saw this from another post and it works great.

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