AIRAC missing EFKU procedure

Hello! During my flight to EFKU (Kuopio, Finland) I was requested to follow STAR ATLU2R, which is not in current AIRAC in simulator. Fortunatelly it was in CHARTS app, so i programmed computer manually. I have checked on two different planes later with same result. This STAR i temporary due to RNY maintenance, so RNY name is different (15C instead of 15).

And here are my photos

this STAR is for runway 15C but you don´t have this runway in the MSFS and therefore you can´t select it.

As you see on the chart (your screenshot) these are “TEMPORARY PROCEDURES” and the MSFS suppress all procedures, which can´t be assigned to an existing runway - in this case 15C - even when they are included.

Here from LNM - you see the red info text “Runway mismatches found” + the list of all available terminal procedures. You also see SIDs, STARs and the IAPs for 15C but due the MSFS limitation (disabling all these procedures), you can´t select it - but they are included.

Sorry, but that´s not a navdata issue - the procedures are included as you see but you can only select runway 15 and not 15C in the MSFS.


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