Update Airac Cycle in A320X (MSFS flybywire mod)

Hi all,

does anybody know if there is a way to update the AIRAC in the A320X flybywire mod? I have Cycle 2014 rev 1 in MSFS, but FMC still show Cycle 2013.

Thanks in Advance

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we have added this according the schema from ASOBO but it looks like, that the sim doesn´t recognize it correctly. So, no … we must wait on a patch from ASOBO, that they update the cycle-number. Sorry!

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PS: I assume, that ASOBO will update their default navdata also - then all ident-pages should be updated


Hi Richard,

thanks for your very quick reply! So to be sure then, The cycle will be loaded, it’s just the FMC display still showing the old ident?

Happy New Year!

Yes Tim … you can simple check it in the sim under “Content-Manager”. When you look for “navigraph” you will see an entry with the installed AIRAC version and revision … when you have AIRAC 2014 revision 1 … you´re on the right side of the world :rofl:

Just a joke, sorry … yes, it looks like, that the ident-pages can currently only updated thru ASOBO, the changes in our code has no effect. Sorry.

Happy New Year!


Excellent, thank you so much! Yes, wouldn’t want to get lost on new years eve of all days :smiley:
Happy new year and all the best for 2021. Keep up the good work!

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Hi, i did not see Navigraph in my content manager. Simlink is still running. What can i do?
Thank you.

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