AIRAC-Cycle keeps on "installing"

When updating to a new cycle after removing the old cycle and klicking on “install” the button stays orange and shows “installing”. I have the latest version (1.0.0-beta.23) of the instaler.

Hello Jonathan! Welcome to the forum.

What directory has the Navigraph application been installed into? Permissions and obscure paths might affect the install process.


I’m having this issue as well.
Navigraph has been installed into the default path.
Tried reinstalling the program, and running as administrator but didn’t help

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That’s the directory C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Programs\Navigraph

@Mrbluray and @Wolkenpanther

Where is the simulator installed? Have you pointed the installation to another folder or drive? The issue seems to be caused by the Content.xml file either not being available at the correct location or because of incorrect permissions on this file.

Please confirm if you have installed the simulator in a non-standard folder to begin with!


Mine is installed in my default steam folder

I guess the default folder. The strange thing is I can’t find it in my programs (nor programs x64). But it works. Now, after some days (including shutting down the PC) the new AIRAC Cycle is installed. At least it looks like it is in the program. How long does it normaly take to intall a new cycle? Maybe it is just normal that it takes two to three days??

That is indeed not normal, and there was probably something else that was temporarily blocking access to the file, perhaps an antivirus doing a background scan or something?

The installation process usually takes anything between a couple of seconds to a minute, depending on the performance of the system.

Glad to hear that it is now sorted though, even if we’re still unsure as to what caused the issue in the first place.


Yes, I use an antivirus, but normaly it asks me, if it is not sure. And doesn’t just block the process. It happened to me on older Cycle Updates, too. Maybe I just have to wait until it is out of beta. And until then keep waiting two to three days until using the new cycle :see_no_evil: