Airac 2206 LIPZ not in database

Hello everyone I just migrated my simulator to Prosim 3.x platform

I have uploaded several flight plans via Datalink Prosim / Simbrief and they work great, except with LIPZ airport (which is my Hub) which gives me a datalink error when I upload the perfectly generated flight plan from Simbrief.
So I tried to manually load my FP and, in fact, it doesn’t find the LIPZ airport in the database.
I have already reloaded the Airacs but the problem persists.
Any idea?

which sim do you use P3D? Have you reorg the sceneries? There is any functionality in the Prosim because I have checked our database and LIPZ is included in the ProSim dataset.


Solved, the problem was actually generated by the MSFS, I had to reorganize the scenarios inside it, as I realized that in Prosim’s xls it was actually missing LIPZ. thanks anyway for checking on Airac

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