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My AIRAC 2110 is well installed in my simulator an especially in PMDG. But since May 2021, TP’s are locked to 2105 update. As you can see on attached file, TP’s destination file is bad written : “SidStar” instead of “sidstar”. So not well updated. Update is isolated and not read by the software.

Possible to solve it please ?

you´re using Windows a OS system, with this OS it´s independent if you write in lowercase, uppercase or mix-case - for this OS it´s always the same. This is differ to Linux or Mac OS system because in this system, it´s differ when you write “sidstars” or “SidStars” or “SIDSTARS” … but not in Windows OS enviroments, for Windows all three names are identically.

I guess more you have any installation issue because why do you have two PMDG\PMDG folders in the Flight Simulator 9 folder? It looks like, that the installation path is incorrect for the PMDG …


What should I do ? Because I cannot change the installation path for sidstar

How do you update the PMDG? Via the manual-installer from the webpage or via the FMS Data Manager?


Via the FMS Data Manager Sir

Ok Charles, than I guess you have a wrong mapping …

Open the FMS Data Manager please and go to the “Addon Mappings” page. Look for the PMDG line please - have you set the mapping manually or automatically via the scan?

I don´t have the FS9 PMDG installed therefore I have FSX but in your case you should have

When you move the mouse over the path, you see the full path as in my case …
Can you show me (or write) what you see in this line?

Thank you,

Thanks Charles, I have cross-checked it …

In FS9 you should have only <FS9>\ on this position, so please “re-map” it to the FS9-Root folder ONLY. The reason is because in FS9 you have two seperate folder for the navdata one called <FS9-root>\FMCWP and one <FS9-root>\PMDG\SidStars

Therefore you must map (when you map it manually) it to FS9-root folder only.

Do following please:

  1. Go again in the Addon Mappings - remove the PMDG line, and press on the Save button.
  2. after that, press on the +Add button
  3. select PMDG from the list and select “Flightsimulator 9” in the “Install into” dropdown
  4. press the Save button again and now you should have a new PMDG line with <FS9>\
  5. go back to the Addon Listand update the PMDG again with the current cycle

Now, you have an up2date PMDG FMC :wink:


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You are a legend Richard, well done ! It works well !! Thanks a lot !!!

Yep, you´re right - with my 51 years - I´m still a legend :slight_smile: … no prob Charles, fine when it´s fixed and sorry for the confusion at the beginning. Let us know, whenever you need more assistance …

Have a nice day/evening,

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