AIRAC 2101 Small Runway and Markers problem

In last AIRAC have all small runways (grass} True Heading 360 degree and Lat Lon position is the same as position of Airport, not position of runway!
Next problem is with markers. Many is missing, for example on LKKU are three markers,but in database zero. Unlike AIP. Please fix this problems.

Thank you Petr

Petr, from what do you speak here? Which sim? Which addon? From which database do you speak?
It´s nearly impossible to help anyone, when we get at least minimum information.

Please read this, thank you:
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The problem is throw all sims and formats. I checked Prosim B737 and XPlane GNS

Can you please give as an example (ICAO code + runway ident) of this small (grass) runways with all the wrong values?

Include screenshots please, where you can show us your findings. Thank you!


ICAO LKKU (on Prosim B737 ID = 8999)
Runway 02L,02R,20L,20R!
Its one froma many!

True Heading is 360, its wrong and lat lon pos is the same as airport pivot position. This is wrong too.

And the surface is wrong too. Both are grass.

Hi again Petr,
thanks for the details … I will remove these “runways” with the next AIRAC. The reason is, that these are only VFR runways which don´t have runway-coordinates. We will remove this kind or runways (no coordinates).
Thank you,

Is that really the only solution? And what about markers?


Yes,sorry because we don´t have this runway-coordinates … We are still checking the markers against the AIP. Will come back with the result …
Thank you,