Nav data out of date after installing latest airac cycle

I’ve installed the latest airac cycle with the FMC Data manager to my custom data folder in X-plane 11 (Airac 2101). It doesn’t look like the airac 2102 is available. And on the FMC is says that 2101 airac is active. And the date-time in the plane is set to track real-world date and time and it still says nav data out of date. What can I do to get the message to go away?


Hi Theo,


AIRAC 2101 is current. AIRAC 2102 becomes effective 25 FEB 21.

Please see AIRAC Cycles .


Hi Ian,

Although my FSLABS FMGC is showing NAV2101001 is active, the period indicated is 31 December to 27 January. How is this possible?

John L

An issue with the FSL itself fixed for the next update.

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Much appreciated for the quick response. I was tearing my hair out wondering where I was going wrong. Thanks again.

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