AIRAC 2014 downloads but does not install in FMS Manager

I have Xplane 11.50 and I’m trying to use the FMS Manager (as usual) to update my airac cycle. It downloads the update, but as soon as it finishes, it just shows the message “Ready to update”. I try clicking it again to update, and it does the same thing.

What do I need to do to get it updated? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I uninstalled, and then clean installed FMS Manager. I am still getting the same issue.

After scrolling through a lot of threads, I finally found the solution and that is, to make sure the Xplane directory is set up correctly in the Settings tab of the FMS Manager. I recently changed hard drives and completely forgot to update the target to the correct folder location of xplane.exe

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Thank you very much for your feedback and great, when your issue is solved now …

Happy flying … and of course HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021

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Thank you and Happy New Year!

I am not buying this is a zibo issue. Everything was fine in cycle 2013, now 2014 is a total mess.

Right it was a Zibo issue and this is fixed so far. Thanks to the devs there. Great stuff …

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