After installing EDDB scenery, missing VIAs

I purchased and installed the just released EDDB DLC from Aerosoft.
After installing it, I removed and re-installed the AIRAC Cycle (2102 Rev. 3).
My standard test flight for new stuff is EDDB-EKCH-EDDB.
Today I noticed when selecting EDDB ILS25R that I could not select the usual VIAs like KLF, KETAP.
Also before, when selecting EKCH ILS22R, I could not select the KAS VIA that had been assigned by ATC.

Any hints are appreciated.

Kind regards, Jörg

They have posted a temporary fix on the Aerosoft forum that removes the navaids from the airport itself so it uses the default. I assume it will also work with Navigraph, maybe you can test it.

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perfect, thanks for the link. Will test it right now.

cheers, Jörg