EDNY missing all Data

Today I made a flight from LEBB to EDNY and seen that no SID/STARS or Approaches ar available for EDNY?

I have tried to reproduce your report but I see all terminal procedures for EDNY as expected:

Here the first one´s for the departures:

… arrivals:

… and last the approaches:

I´m using AIRAC 2107 rev. 3 in the WorldMap of the default sim …

Hey thanks for answer. I dont plan from the world map. I coudnt select anything in the G1000 (nxi) and also not in the fbw A320

Hi again,
due the lack of information from your side, I have only tested this in the WorldMap.

The FBW and the the G1000 use the same database as the WorldMap, so when you can select the data in the WorldMap, you can be sure, that the data are there/available/selectable and it´s more a mod-issue.

I have now also checked the FBW with exactly the same result:

Departure page:



… the G1000 shows exactly the same result. Sorry, I still can´t reproduce it … Possible you use any 3rd party addon scenery, which delete the terminal procedures, but due the missing details on your side, it´s hard to say what the cause is.

Fact is, that the data are in the AIRAC and also select able, as you see it in the screenshots.


Hmm that’s strange. For me it isn’t working. Reinstalled database 2107 Rev. 3 already. But thanks for looking into it :slight_smile:

and you use the default EDNY, no addon scenery, right?

Have you tried the re-org of your content.xml file - you find the instruction here:

Please follow these steps exactly - it should work …

Okay I found the Problem. Its some addons. When I use Standart Scenery everything is okay.

Thanks for the feedback - yes, most freeware scenery-designer doesn´t know this settings and delete the terminal procedures in their sceneries. When they do this, they disable our terminal procedures also because the sceneries are in the priority higher than our data. But you should report this to the scenery-designer, that you don´t have any terminal procedures for this airport.


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