Saving route to crj from Aerosoft

I know how to save route in MSFS, but how to save it for Aerosoft’s CRJ computer?
Do i need to write all route manually, or maybe is some way to save it in .flp format?

how can you import a route-file into the Aerosoft CRJ? Can you explain it us please? Possible than we can say, which format you should use …
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As it stands, the Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS cannot make use of a flight plan that has been created in the MSFS “globe”/flight planning screen.

I understand that Aerosoft are/will be working with Asobo, to find a way to provide this functionality, but until then, you can either enter the route directly into the CRJ’s FMS or import a .PLN file from Simbrief.

The Simbrief downloader app is able to create this PLN file and put it into the requisite folder for your installation (Steam or MS Shop), once you have done a ‘Generate OFP’ on your selected Simbrief flight plan.

Routes for crj’s FMS end with: .flp
I know that i can save it with SIMBRIEF.
But it will be nice to have possibility save them by Navigraph Charts.

ah, so they do.

either way, I’m afraid that we are going to have to wait until Aerosoft manages to implement the necessary code to allow the CRJ to read an MSFS plan.

You’d be best to keep an eye out on the Aerosoft forum for any progress in that regard.

Edit: It would appear that you can ignore more or less everything I’ve just said, as it was based on a flawed understanding of your OP.

It would appear that you are asking to be able to export a flight plan from Navigraph Charts for import into the CRJ’s FMS?

If so, I’ll leave that one for Richard to answer. :slight_smile:

:grinning: Sorry for my not so good English.
I’m subscriber of Navigraph just from yesterday.
Navigraph Charts i very usefull and intuitive, so it would be nice to have ability, to export flight plan
to CRJ’s FMS.
Aerosoft was published with their manual, how this file should look like, so i was thinking that it’ll be easy to Navigraph, to do that option.
It can be done with Simbrief, but Navigraph Charts look nicer to me. :slight_smile:

Did you know that you can create a new Charts flightplan from a Simbrief flightplan, so you could import a simbrief plan into both the aircraft and into Charts?

That would at least let you view the route in a very nice format, as well as being able to superimpose the charts onto the route.

Oh and with Simlink you could watch the progress of the flight in Charts