VFR Routes

I notice the vfr routes and entry points into and out of airports are depicted on the European map, but there aren’t any in Australia that I can see ie YSSY and YSCB. Am I missing something or will it be included later.


It seems like it’s only Europe and the US.

No VFR charts for Canada, Australia, NZ, and… basically the rest of the world.

Also, other VFR features are missing - like VFR reporting points and obstacles.

In some countries, there seems to be a mixup of VFR reporting points and Fixes. For example in Melbourne, Australia I see the APL waypoint where Albert Park Lake VRP should be.

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Hey navigraph - are you able to provide some guidance regarding a future update to include VFR routes etc for countries other than Europe, UK and the US.

There are quite a few questions about this on the forum, but no answers.


The VFR procedure data comes from Jeppesen their coverage is currently US, Europe and South Africa. We have a note about it here:

Our data is the same as in professional services such as Foreflight.

We don’t know about Jeppesen’s plans but possibly this might change in the future.

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Ok mate thanks for the quick reply. Now we know why. Cheers.

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