Adding planes to FMS manager manually?

Some of my aircraft are not showing up when I do scans using the FMS Data Manager. I see that I can add them manually but what I’m not sure of is do I have to point it to the exact file path of the aircraft folder or will it install properly if I just point it to the main FSX , P3D or X-Plane folder and it will find the plane? I see it seems to install the data either way but I just want to make sure it’s actually installed properly.


Check you have the correct flight sim paths in Settings, then in Addon Mappings, select and Remove all entries. Press Scan then Save. Are your aircraft detected? If not you would then +Add in Addon Mappings. Your generally specify the FS there, but it can depend on addon.

If still an issue please advise aircraft.


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Ok thank you very much for the helpful information. I checked and the correct file paths are there and I did another scan just for the heck of it but it still doesn’t see them all so I guess I’ll have to add them manually. Thanks again, I just wanted to make sure I was doing it right.

I’ve been able to update all of my planes that needed it except for two that I’m not sure if it needs updating or no cause I don’t see it on the drop down menu and that’s the CRJ-700 by Delta Wing/AD Simulations for X-Plane 11. Though I’m thinking maybe it doesn’t need it cause it uses the default X-Plane 11 FMC so I’m guessing it uses the default FMS as well which is already updated? And then I have the Sky SImulations MD-11 v2 for P3D, I’m not sure about that one and I don’t see it in the drop down list.

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