FMS , don't let me do a flight plane or anything

hello . windows 10 , x plane ." I let the screen shot, speak for it self "
20220310-210229.log (46.5 KB)
i hope this helps 2022-03-10T05:00:00Z

please help. thank you !!



Is the issue with Captain Sim? Have you selected it and Updated?


hello. lan thank you help . yes i did but it doesn’t, up date ,
with x plane it’s up date but when i want to use the fms no flight plane no way points
in i hope you receive the screen shots i sant you . i already clean everything up delete the registry keys . in did a clean start , i’m been reading all topics before post the topic . over two weeks no success , thank you again

please can you upload a screenshot of your “Settings”-page from the FMS Data Manager also, that we can see the sim paths which will be used by the FMS Data Manager

… and that we understood you correctly:
You are talking from XP11 and any default aircraft in XP11 which uses their data. Is this correct?

… also, can you confirm, that you have only ONE XP11 installation on your system and not multiple?

Thank you,

Thank you . Sir. I will sent the info you requested , In two hours ,I ‘m way from home right now .thank you ,very much !

yes: i’m talking from xp11 and any default aircraftin xp11
yes: i just did ck it’s only one xp11 installation in the system, " from my little knowledge"
20220311-105212.log (13.2 KB)
this may help. thank you

Thanks, looks ok so far …

Now, please can you now describe your issue a little bit more:

  • Which default aircraft you’re using in XP11?
  • You wrote about a flightplanning? What do you mean with it?

Please describe your steps a little, that we can try to reproduce. According your settings and also your log files, the update was done correctly.

Ah one confirmation again please:
Do you really have your XP11 installed in the Desktop-Folder on your PC?


Hello. Yes the up date look s fine when I want to make a flight plane , it says no date on the fmc, I did put a screenshot of the fmc Early yes I install xp11. On the desktop that ‘s what X plane Recommended , I not expert on this it all bud it may be with the x plane sim I try on the boing 757 And the md 80. Thank you

Please can you upload a screenshot of the FMC, where you see this “no date”?

Also, please make a screenshot of your file-explorer from following folder:
C:\Users\alberto1\Desktop\X-Plane 11\

Thank you,

Ok .let me get home ,and I will do that .you have a good weekend . Thank you.

good morning . sir I’m sorry I didn’t send this right after you request it .
I think this may help.

Your FMC shows the currect AIRAC periode …
24FEB - 24MAR22 … thats exactly AIRAC 2202. So yout data are up2date and correct installed.

I don’t know what “key not active” mean. Possible you press on the wrong key or similar else, but this message has nothing todo with the navdata.

In other words, your installation is correct (at least from the navdata). For further details please look in the X-Plane forum.

Sorry and thanks for contacting us

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