Abnormal FLs not reflected into SB

Hi all, I am a virtual controller on Vatsim in the Adria region. And am posting this as an observation I have made when issuing clearence for flights that have filed via SimBrief.

For flights entirely within the LYBA FIR (Serbia, Kosovo, and Monetengro). Flights do not typically observe the semi-circle rule when flying specific routes. For example, flights on the Beograd-Podgorica route will often cruise at and odd level, this is due to a number of factors such as the very strict STAR procedures required within Montenegro (Almost all arrivals are Eastbound with the exclusion of Beograd and Istanbul) as well as a lack of radar coverage in the area.

I would just like to note that I am not expecting the Navigraph team to do hours of research on the correct Flight Levels for each individual route. But I thought that it was a useful bit of information that will increase realism for the pilots who wish to make their simming experience just that bit more authentic.
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There are many places in the world where the direction of flight rules differ, some are oriented N/S (vice E/W), and then as you note some local variation in your area.

A complex world.

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Hi, thanks for the info! Currently I am not able to override the AIRAC FIR cruising altitudes on a per route basis, but will keep it in mind if this becomes possible in the future.

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