A32nx Flypad only in Demo mode

I started MSFS2020 with A32nx version 0.7.2 and then I want to watch the charts in the flypad.
Previously, I entered the approval code code from the Flypad into the Navigraph Window and then received the confirmation that the Navigraph account is successfully linked.
But still only the demo mode is displayed.
What now???

welcome … you need a valid subscription also to use the charts - Ultimate monthly or yearly …

I bought a license (NavDataPro Charts - One Year Access) from Aerosoft. Can I convert this into an Ultimate license

No sorry - these are two different companies and two different products. Sorry.

Hi, I have the development version and when I started the flypad and went on the charts I did not get any notification or request to enter my Navigraph profile and not able to load the charts. Is there any explanation for this? on the other hand, I am able to load flight plan form simbrief.



For latest development version of FBW A32nx, on flypad select Cogwheel\ATSU/AOC.
Can you enter your SimBrief Username/Pilot ID number?