A couple of questions/suggestions around the new Charts 8 UI

When having a flight loaded and clicking on the charts icon for either your origin or destination to bring up all the charts for that airport, I find it cumbersome to go back to your active flight.

You have two buttons you can choose from, the back button or the hide button.

Pressing the back button doesn’t take me back to my active flight as you would have hoped for. Based on how that is where I came from before pressing the charts button. Instead I’m presented with an airports list where I can also search for other airports.

Pressing the hide button does exactly that, it hides the complete flight menu. After it has been hidden, you can press the flight icon or whatever you like to call it to bring the flight menu back. And now you’re back where you started.

So I guess in summary, shouldn’t pressing the back button in this scenario take you back to your flight menu? Rather than to a list of airports?

Let me know if what I’ve tried to explain isn’t clear and I can provide screenshots. Tried to be as detailed as I could to clearly explain my question/suggestion.

One more thing when I’m at it, would be really nice if also the parking stands charts for your origin and destination airports were automatically pinned. In the same way you now get airport, SID/STAR and approach charts automatically pinned for you. Or it not everyone like it, maybe add it as an option.

Waking this one up to make sure it wasn’t missed based on zero comments but also to add a couple of screenshots. Maybe this will make it more clear what I’m referring to in my initial post.

First, this is the charts button I’m pressing for either my origin or destination airport

Charts button

This will take me here where I have the Back and Hide button at the top

However, as mentioned in my first post, pressing the Back button which you would expect should take you back to the previous screen (the Flight screen in this case), instead you end up here

Pressing the Hide button isn’t much to show. Since it will do exactly what the button suggests, hide the complete panel on the left hand side.

Also my last suggestion stands, would be nice if also the parking stands charts were automatically pinned for your origin and destination airports.

TIA for taking this into consideration.