Please add feature to auto-load relevant charts for a flight

Here’s a “suggestion box” item for a new feature that would be a similar to Foreflight’s “Send to Binder” feature. The idea would be to first create (or import) a flight, then click on a single button that would automatically pin (into the bottom area) the relevant charts, such as the Airport diagrams, selected departure and arrival charts, and also the selected approach plates for both the departure (to reference the return runway) and the arrival runways (which admittedly could get tricky if there are multiple approaches for a given runway – either load them all for the selected runway, or perhaps default to the ILS approach if it exists, otherwise the most common RNAV approach). Bonus points if the parking gates chart(s) are also loaded (i.e. “pinned”) for larger airports.

This is a planned feature :blush:



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