737 max family profiles for dispatch system

Hi, I would like 737 max profiles for the dispatch system because when I try to fly the max in xp11, I am forced to use the default 737 profiles, and I don’t want any inaccuracies when planning my flights.

Hi, the 737 max is planned to be added eventually. Once some better data becomes available for it.

For now I recommend creating your own custom airframe in the My Fleet section, based on the standard 737, and simply match the weights (MTOW, MLW, OEW, etc) to the add-on you’re using for best results. If the 737 max for X-Plane has accurate fuel burn (as far as I have heard it does not, but I don’t know for sure since I haven’t tried it myself), you can also try a Fuel Factor of M15 (which will decrease SimBrief’s fuel burn by 15%).

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