Adding The MAX To The Airframe/Aircraft Type

Can you please add the 737 MAX 8 as a choice to select when picking our Airframe in the Aircraft Type pull down column.

There are a number of choices for this but I’d like to recommend the one that is used at Flightradar24 and at many airline carriers, that being the abbreviation “B738M”.

With the eventual release by PMDG of the MAX in the near future, along with models available now, this is a glaring omission of a very popular aircraft with carriers world wide and they will only increase in numbers with each passing year.

I apologize if this feature has been asked for in the past, but I did not see any in the recent past. If they have been, then consider this a little reminder to please add this aircraft asap!

Oops, I just realized that this thread should have been posted in the Aircraft Profiles forum. Feel free to move it there if you want!

PMDG wont realse that, but iFlyjets has one that has come pretty far in dev for P3DV5

Emanuel from his 737NG Driver You Tube channel, spoke about and even showed a model of the MAX 8 that was scheduled to be released in the future by PMDG, I know because I saw it myself when the 700 was first showcased before its release.

When it is released is not known yet, but it will be when PMDG feels it’s time to do so!

Dont be so optimistic :slight_smile: Before any other, when current 737 product line will be finished (-900), there are 777 and 747 on schedule. So, if, max will be not earlier than in 3 years .)

wondering, how someone could show MAX model from pmdg, as this does not exists at all .

Go watch the videos by 737NG Driver at You Tube. He is a REAL life 737 pilot for Ryanair and he works with PMDG in helping them get all the systems correct for the entire line of 737’s. He has been working with them since the beginning of the project. He has also created over 60 tutorials for the aircraft and the systems.

In his debut of the 737-700, when it went live, he showed in the program where they had the 737 parked. Right next to where the 700 was is a new 737 MAX 8, which he talks about and that it will be released later on in the cycle of the whole line of 737’s by PMDG.

They’ve released the 700, the 600 and now the 800. I bet the MAX 8 will be released by no latter then early 2023!

And this is nice example, how rumour arise :smiley:

And you’re a perfect example of someone who talks a lot, but doesn’t really know much! :grinning:

Obviously, I’m wasting my time because you didn’t check out his channel or you’d have seen what I alluded to.

No sense in me responding anymore to this topic, so thanks for your interest and have a nice day!