My aircraft profiles

Hello guys, no major issues on my end with simbrief, I currently use xplane 12 and msfs2020 mainly and I would like to know if theres a way to maybe open an aircraft profiles list showing the ID numbers so I can have them on the side for when I get a new livery, for example, maybe im not explaining my self

I downloaded N8642w for the PMDG 737 so using simtoolkit pro I have tons of profiles but I always have to open simbrief site to get the pmdg 737-800 pax id number, unless I keep them on a note pad or something but I have so many profiles so a full report with all my profiles will help, any ideas if this even possible? thanks for the support

Hi, thanks for the suggestion.

I’m not sure we can offer such a feature, but what I would like to do is open up more APIs to third-parties down the road. So in theory, this would allow SimToolkitPro to download your entire fleet list automatically for you.

No ETA on when this might become possible, but it is planned at some point. :slight_smile:

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Cool that will be awesome for sure, I have tons of planes so will be very helpful

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