Zoom level data


I’ve just been looking at the new ‘WAD’ airspace changes to the West of the UK (London FIR EGTT). I noticed that they are correctly represented at some zoom levels, but disappear at others.

For example the NITON reporting point was disestablished with West, so should no longer appear, which is correct at a close zoom level, it then appears as I zoom out then disappears again as I zoom out further.

This issue can bee seen with all WAD components, such as the shape of the PEPZE CTA (formally NITON CTA), though with NITON showing, the changed parts of the PEPZE CTA cannot be selected and nor can the old NITON CTA.

Another example is P16 running South to North over the Channel, crossing southern England and up into Wales. At certain zoom levels it’s truncated West of Exeter (EGTE).

Please see attached

Hopefully I’m not doing anything daft, it doesn’t appear to be a local issue as this is occurring on both the Charts Desktop and Android apps for me.

Many thanks,