Bug when zooming in around NZCH

When zooming past a certain level around NZCH, the view is abruptly panned far far away from the current view. Wild guess, the 180th meridian could well be a factor in this bug.

Steps to recreate: Mercator projection.
Create flightplan NTAA dct NZCH → Click button to see entire route (if not already shown) → Start mouse scrolling with the cursor over NZCH, to zoom in → When passing 30NM scale range, view is thrown over to Australia.

Issue is not happening when zooming in on NTAA.

Video showing issue (link expires in 48h): Video uten navn

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Hah! Indeed. That is one peculiar bug! We will investigate it as soon as possible, thanks for the report!

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I can confirm that this is an upstream issue, and we hope to have it fixed with the next update if all goes to plan. Thanks again for the report!

Thank you! Map edges seems tricky, this was on a FSL Concorde flight, and they currently have bugs in map generation crossing 180° as well!

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This issue should be fixed in version 8.31.0. Thanks for the report!

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