ZHHH and ZUCK ILS issue

I’m getting too low terrain calls on ILS 04R ZHHH (my main landing gear almost hit the approach lights on ILS) and miss the localizer on ILS 03 ZUCK by almost 100ft to the right. I am using the SamScene3D airport for both so I’m not sure if it’s a scenery problem. So far I’ve got no luck figuring out what’s causing it.

the problem is more in the MSFS - I have compared the runway threshold coordinates between the MSFS and the real world and it´s differ:

Here ZHHH 04R (MSFS comparing with real-world):

So you see very clear that the threshold in the MSFS is earlier as in real-world and therefore you have possible a wrong touchdown zone. I don´t have any 3rd party scenery of ZHHH so I can´t say anything about this scenery but in MSFS the coordinates for 04R are off as you see.

Sorry, please report this to ASOBO/MS …


I’m pretty sure it’s a scenery issue since my main gear is about to hit the approach lights at 150 RA call. I’ll try to upload a video later today.

… you should report this to the sceney designer rather to us. We can’t help you in this case, sorry.


Pretty sure I crossed the Threshold with 4 reds and at 20ft RA call. I’ll send SamScene3D an email. The problem is I think he has his own ILS beam built into the scenery. He does this for all of his airports like ZUCK ZHHH and ZGGG. I could do package reorder so that PMDG will work with the beam but there is no way I can get Fenix to work with his own ILS information.

I can´t say what the issue is with the 3rd party scenery but with the stock scenery, it´s the wrong runway-threshold coordinate as you see. Possible that they use also the same runway-threshold as in the stock data, then it´s not a glideslope antenna issue it´s the same … the wrong runway-threshold.

But whatever the issue is, it seems not a navdata issue - nor a PMDG and/or Fenix issue.


Sorry, back to the ZHHH example - the runway coordinates are from the 3rd party scenery and not from the stock MSFS. Because the stock MSFS doesn´t have this new runway.

So, the runway-coordinates which you see on the screenshot are from the 3rd party scenery (Tianhe-Wuhan-Airport from Wuze You - so the SamScene3D) which I have also installed.

So, it´s clear now, that this is a runway-threshold issue from the 3rd party scenery. Sorry, it was my fault - again, the MSFS stock scenery doesn´t have a ZHHH 04R - only with the 3rd party scenery you have this runway and here the threshold for 04R is wrong as you see on the screenshot above.


I’ll try to contact SamScene3D. I doubt they’ll fix anything tho since they are hardly a professional airport developer. I also solved the KSEA and LFPG problem from last week after uninstalling the BS Asobo handcrafted airport. Landed right on the aiming point 165fpm.

Wow, what a hint … great stuff, thank you very much for sharing your experience here. Thank you very much, much appreciated …

Have a nice day & greetings,

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