Ypph bevl5x/rnav x rwy 03

The IAS restrictions for waypoint KARGO (MAX185) on the BEVL5X arrival & waypoint PH010 (MIN150) on the RNAV X (RNP) RWY 03 approach as well as waypoint PH050 (MAX225) on the MAP segment of the same approach don’t seem to be coded as hard speed restrictions on the PMDG737, I haven’t tested with other aircraft.

sorry, I can´t reproduce it …

BEVL5X arrival with the RNVX-03:

A speed min/max or above/below are not possible to code in the PMDG, but the speed restrictions are included as you see - all your examples. So it must be any other issue on your end.


Yes they’re read like that, it’s possibly a PMDG navdata issue but if you fly the route you will see they’re soft restrictions, for example, the FMS won’t maintain a speed higher than 150 at the 150 knot restriction unless you modify the PH010 waypoint speed entry to 150A/

You can code speed min/max’s by specifying A for above and B for below in the FMS, is this not possible in the navdata format? I notice it works on many routes for altitude restrictions.

As you can see for the waypoint BARFF it’s 3000A, the same format works for speed restrictions. It just has to be manually inputted currently because the navdata doesn’t include those specifications

We can´t do more to set the correct speeds (and thats the case here). We have no influence of the logic behind So please report this to PMDG.

No this is not supported in the procedure-files - this “AT OR ABOVE” sequence is only available for altitudes but not for speeds. Therefore, I have written above - speed min/max/at/above/below can´t be coded …


Okay, understood, thanks for the clarification.

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