Vhhh abbey arrivals

as far back as i can remember, the abbey arrivals to vhhh have been missing the crossing restriction at musel (280kt/FL130) in the navdata (pmdg)

i seem to remember reading a message somewhere from someone from navigraph saying it isnt an actual crossing restriction and thats why, but i cannot see how it isn’t.


Certainly the chart data indicates a requirement to cross MUSEL at 280kt FL130 yet only the speed requirement is listed in the PMDG data file.

thank you very much for the report - we also have this altitude restriction in our database but the altitude of this waypoint can be modified or assigned by ATC and therefore it´s not a hard limit. You see this also on the charts


Therefore this altitude-restriction has set the “ATC indicator” flag. Due some several reason in the US area, we have decided to disable all altitude restrictions when this flag is set and therefore it´s “missing” here.

But anyways, you can set this manually in the FMC … according the ATC of course.

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altitudes of many waypoints can be modified by atc and you never descend without atc clearance anyway so i still dont really understand why this one is different and would get that flag?

i understand an “expect” altitude to not be coded in but not an actual CROSS AT altitude.

and yeah ive been manually putting in the restriction for many (years?) now :slight_smile:

Right, but in this case, it’s noted explicite on the charts and therefore this flag is set. Normally, such flags aren’t set but can be overruled by ATC. The ATC is every time the last instance …


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