FMS data or PMDG limitations?

Hi Navigraph and all users!

In the real Boeing 737 when entering the SID TOPLA3M on ESGG for runway 03, the CDU show B=Bellow and A=Above letters next to the altitude or speed restriction.

I wonder if this is a FMS data limitation or a PMDG FMS limitation? The CDU only shows 210 and 900 but now above or below letters.

I wonder the same for ProSim 737?

Se pictures, 210B at GG403 and 900A:

this is a PMDG syntax limitation. We also have this constraints in our database but due the specific syntax, we can´t use it for the PMDG. Sorry - this is a PMDG limitation.


And what about Prosim?

Are the altitude constraints included (at/above/below/between) … in the current version, the speed is only AT but we have a request from ProSim to extend the database with AT/ABOVE/BELOW signs for the speeds in the database too that ProSim can use this additional information.

Hope that helps

When will that be included?

There is no timeline at the moment.

Can you check this SID (TOPLA3M) that it is correctly formatted for ProSIm 3.x etc?

I get strange values where sometimes a large part of the route continues at 210 Knots completely inexplicable. Happens only on this SID.

Please also check that RISMA4L is correctly formatted and that the data is correct?

Best regards Jacob

Hi Jacob,
both departures are coded correctly in the ProSim db. I have just checked it … the 210kts restriction is only set at GG403, and not for all following sequences.


How do Prosim know that the plane should have 210B all the waypoints before GG403?

Stated in the chart?

I assume it is the FMS Dara for (Prosim737 2.24b1 and above) i should use?

Prosim bug I guess?

Thank you for checking!

Best regards Jacob

As I wrote before, currently the speed is only a “AT” (not below, not above) … the speed constraint is defined at the waypoint GG403. How Prosim that handles exactly, I don´t know … we only offer the data but not the logic behind. Possible you ask such questions in their forum.


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