YBBN approaches not in database

When using X-Plane 11 after updating to latest navigraph database… i am unable to load any approaches into ybbn… they seem to be missing?
Does anybody else have the same issue?



I presume you are getting the following error message which arises from X-Plane not having the latest runway information in its database. As the message suggests you will need to report this via the X-Plane Scenery Gateway


Correct, I have reported this to xplane gateway. As per message.

I have also lost the ability to conduct a couple of RNP approaches at YBCG which were available prior to the update? Any ideas? in particular RNP Z rwy 14…


Hi Steve,

What do you mean by lost the ability to conduct approach RNP Z Rwy 14?

I show:


Please See attached image…I see my mistake, apologies the blue gap at the base of the approach options list made it seem the list had finished there… however further scrolling found the list was much longer!

Thanks :+1:

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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