XPlane12 LGSA missing runways

hi everybody,
after the last update of navigraph fms data and xp12 i miss a runway at lgsa:
the default 737, shows everything: 11, 11R and 11L (there are only 2, but for some reason it shows 3). but all the paid airplanes, like toliss 32x, 340, inisimulations a3xx etc show only 2: 11 and 11R.
that makes them lose the SID procedures of 11L. i opened the lgsa.txt file inside the navdata set and it has only procedures for 11L (and 29R). if it is a navigraph problem, can it be fixed in the next update pls? unfortunately i dont know how to download the previous set (2405) to check if the lgsa.txt file was correct. maybe the problem was from xp12 update (i did both at the same time)
thank you


The AIRAC datasets for XPlane doesn’t contain any airport information, so also no runways. This is part of the XPlane default scenery. When an addon uses an own dataset for the navdata you see (as you have discovered) that we have the new runways/Ids.

So, please report this to XPlane Gateway … We can’t update it, this is a XPlane limitation.


Actual airport currently has only 1 runway designated 11L/29R, and of course the official scenery (which contains runway information) only has 11/29 and 11R/29L :laughing: (that was probably a valid configuration at some point)


ToLiSS will pick up the runways from third-party custom scenery, but I cannot seem to find one with the current runway configuration; you might need to try your luck with WorldEditor (WED) - X-Plane Developer and edit runway identifiers yourself.



hi tim, but when i remove the navigraph data set and i go back to the default xp12 navdata, then everything works as it should. i use the default lgsa airport from the gateway, latest version.
do you know if i can download an older navdata set from navigraph? if yes, how ?

Yes, because the default dataset (which is also from us) has still the old runways included therefore it’s working.

So, when you want to use the old/outdated runways you must switch back to the default/old dataset.


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