NaviGraph Charts in X-Plane 12

I am running the most recent version of X-Plane 12 on my Mac Studio with the M1 chip. My question is will NaviGraph Charts integrate into the Cirrrus SR22 stock aircraft within X-Plane 12 and show up on the MFD? Will there be a way to automate or access chart updates from within the aircraft? Will navigation plates for approach, departure and arrival also populate on the MFD?

Thank you for a response to this question.

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Hello! Welcome to our forum!

The short answer is no - as far as we can see, there will be no such integration.

To elaborate: There are two ways that our charts can end up in the avionics of an aircraft for any given simulator: Either the developer of an addon builds the integration with our help, or we build it ourselves if the addon or aircraft supports plugins.

In the case of X-Plane 12, no aircraft (that I know of at least) supports plugins. This means that it is up to third-party developers to create such integrations. In your case, however, you are using a stock aircraft - so the chances of getting a Navigraph integration are likely quite slim. Feel free to reach out to the X-Plane developers with your wish, however! We’d be happy to help out in setting it up!

I hope that answers the question. Let me know if you want me to clarify something!

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Thank you for the response. From your answer I assume that I could not even update the stock navigation charts in X-Plane 12 stock Cirrus SR22T (assuming I have a Navigraph subscription), is that correct? I was under the impression, from the descriptions on the Navigraph site, that Navigraph was the provider for the navigation data In X-Plane 12. If that is true, I am wondering why I cannot update the navigation data?

I will contact X-Plane but could you help me with the wording as to what I would be asking them to do? I don’t want to get it wrong and have a misunderstanding of my request.

Thank you for your time and assistance with this request.


My other question is are you aware of any third party providers that have an SR22T that is compatible with X-Plane 12 and would have the Navigraph integration capability on the MFD?

Hi John,
in your initial posting you have spoken from the charts, not from the data. Also, you post in the chart-category here in the forum, therefore the correct answer from Malte.

To the data:
Yes, you can update the XP12 stock navdata. You can update the data either via the FMS Data Manager for MacOS or manually from our webpage:

We update the navigational data for XP12 as all other sim-data/addons every 28 days like in the real-world.

No sorry …

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard,

To update the XP12 stock navdata do I need to have a subscription to Navigraph?

Yes, of course.


I have just purchased a yearly Navigraph subscription. I use X-Plane 12 running on a MacOs Studio computer with the M1 chip. All I am looking to do at this point is to update the navigation data that was provided free with X-Plane 12. I exclusively fly the stock Cirrus SR22 in X-Plane 12 and I am told it does not support moving maps and plates on the G1000, which is fine. I have not added any add-on aircraft to X-Plane 12. All I am looking to do is to update the navigation data in X-Plane 12. I have seen many posts where folks did downloads to the wrong file structure and it was a nightmare for them. I want to do it right the first time. Could you please provide step by step instructions as to specifically what I need to do to accomplish this goal. Thanks for your help


Hi John,

Welcome and thank you for checking.


  1. Download, install and run FMS Data Manager

  2. When prompted to Scan for addons on start, say no.

  3. In Settings page, check your X-Plane 12 path (where x-plane.exe is located) has been correctly detected. If not navigate to your X-Plane folder (where x-plane.exe is located), and press Save.

  4. In Addon Mappings page, press Scan. Your X-Plane 12 and any X-Plane 12 addons should be detected. Press Save

  5. In Addon List, select X-Plane 12 and any X-Plane 12 addons, and press Update


Thanks Ian! That worked perfectly, the installation was smooth as silk. It turns out I had a copy of XP 11 (which I have not used since XP 12 came out) also on my hard drive, so I move it to trash before doing the installation into XP 12. I now have current information in my X-Plane 12 nav data. I confirmed it because KTUS recently renamed runways and the correct runway names are in the nav data. I am very excited. Thank you so much!

Just some remaining questions:

  1. Are future nav updates automatic or will I have to manually update every month? If manual, could you please provide instructions.
  2. Please provide instruction on how to check the current date (or cycle) on the nav data.
  3. I would like to become familiar with all the FMS Data Manager features and functions. Is there a “User Manual” for the FMS Data Manager?

Again, thank you very much for your help and very quick response.


Hi John,

You are welcome. I am glad you have been able to update your Navigation Data. The current AIRAC cycle is displayed at the top right of the FMS Data Manager:

You need to run the FMS Data Manager after each AIRAC cycle dates for which are shown at Navigation Data AIRAC Cycles. You have done the hard work. Unless you have added new aircraft you only need to do step 5 above:

  • In Addon List, select X-Plane 12 and any X-Plane 12 addons, and press Update
    You can see the installed AIRAC cycle dates number in the FMC Status page of the default 737-800:

The Zibo Mod 737 gives the AIRAC number and dates:

There are instructions for FMS Data Manager at FAQ - Installing Navigation Data AIRAC Updates


Hi Ian,

As I mentioned before I am using X-Plane 12 with a Mac Studio with the M1 chip, and exclusively flying the stock Cirrus SR22. When I was in XP12 this morning I noticed that the zoomed in map view that shows up on the MFD is not a current diagram of KTUS. This airport has changed runway numbers from 11 to 12 and had deleted the parallel runway while it is under construction. I know (or at least I think I do) that X-Plane uses Navigraph for map information. The current nav data that you helped me get installed references the correct runways in the approach plates. Is there a way to get the map information updated so that when I zoom in on the map, the runways would be correctly displayed?
Thanks for your help!


No, the X-Plane default G1000 ground maps are derived from the scenery, not Navigraph data.



Yes, the X-Plane 12 scenery has RWY 11, so is out of date. Scenery in X-Plane is not updated by Navigraph.

You could request an update at the the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. The user written one there also has RWY 11.


Thanks Ian,

I want to that link, found the artist and requested that he contact me. Is that the protocol? It seemed like that’s all that I could do. I did not see any sort of request to update scenery option. Am I missing something?


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