XP11 TorqueSim SR22 G1000 Chart Data is N/A

We are using the TorqueSim SR22 with the G1000 in X-Plane 11 and have now booked the Navigraph subscription so we can use the FMS Data Manager to keep the aircraft up to date and we can use the charts on the aircraft. Unfortunately, Chart Data is still showing as N/A on the aircraft and we are at a loss as to what to do. Is there a mistake we have made? Thanks for your help!

Hi Jakob,
who is “we”? I can´t find any subscription on your account? Please can you forward us your email which you have used for your subscription per PM (private mail)?

Thank you very much,

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Thanks Jakob, as we found out - TorqueSim hasn´t implemented our Chart-API and therefore you can´t open it directly from the Garmin but we are happy, when we can support TorqueSim in this case to implement our Chart-API in the Garmin.

We will try to contact TorqueSim, if there are existing any interest to do that …

In the meanwhile, I would use our Chart v8 app in parallel …

Thank you,