X-Plane won't start up after my first FMS download

Greetings: I use X-Plane to stay proficient in my real life flying and encourage students to do the same. I finally got tired of NAV DATA OUT OF DATE WARNINGS on G1000, G430, G530, etc. so I subscribed to Navigraph for Windows PC. I am definitely NOT a PC techie, so I was impressed with how Navigraph does all of the file installations for me. I subscribed, download FMS Manager, and dowloaded the updated data base for X-Plane 11.51. Unfortunately, my X-Plane no longer opens. I get a very quick screen and all I see quickly in the lower left is “Will initilize plugins…” and then it sends me back to desktop.
So, I have no idea what to do now…as a beginner in Navigraph, I truly need some help. Thank You

I just subscribed to Navigraph tonight and downloaded FMS Manager and updated X-Plane. I just started up x-plane and seems to work fine. I usually make a backup copy of my x-plane folder before installing plug-ins or other add-ons. check you x-plane folder under custom data there is a folder called CIFP to see if it looks ok. Look at X-plane text log files. I would re-try the installation.
Use the X-Plane.org forums to see if they can help also.



Clearly loading a new AIRAC should not cause such issue.

To get going, you could try one at a time:

  1. Run …your X-Plane 11\X-Plane 11 Installer.exe. Sometimes this can see if files have been deleted/corrupted.
  2. Delete or move files in …your \X-Plane 11\Output\preferences to a temp directory.
  3. Reinstall X-Plane 11


Thank you very much, Ian.
Numbers 1 and 2 didn’t work. But before executing number 3, I removed all Extra Aircraft files and then X-Plane started just fine and operated with new nav data base…very pleased.
I will now add desired aircraft which mimic real aircraft I fly, but just one at a time to see what happens. If I find a desired aircraft that causes problems, I might have to query you again.
But for now, thank you for your timely response to help me.
Regards; Charlton B.

Hi Charlton,

You are welcome.

I am happy to help.