X-Plane 11 Not Recognizing Flight Plan

My name is Rene and I own a Gleim BATD which operates two interfaces in Windows, one is a FAA Approved Sim and the second a PC Option both run through X-Plane 11. I just signed up for Navigraph and once I import a simple flight plan created through SimBrief and try to open and load it into the Gleim PC option, it returns an error message that reads X-Plane cannot load the file because it does not have a recognized extension, file extensions they recognize for saved flights are .sit, .fdr & .rep.

Suggestions much appreciated in advance and apologies in advance if I don’t have this in the right format/channel.



SimBrief does not create .sit, .fdr, or .rep files. It only creates .fms files, which I believe can only be imported into the aircraft FMS/GPS after the flight is launched.

Hope this helps,

Hi Derek,

It worked, thank you!

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