WT CJ4 has made a custom navigation logic. Can Navigraph do the same?

Working Title CJ4 has developed its own nav logic, and the plane will use navigraph or navblue nav database and use it correctly. No waypoints skipped, no flying straight to airport etc. Why can’t Navigraph do the same?

Time and time again the Navigraph devs have said that it is up to Asobo to fix this, but we are running out of breath while waiting for them. WT took matters into their own hands and made it happen with the CJ4. Why cant Navigraph do the same? Make a nav module that replaces the default sim logic.

Im just gonna think out loud and say that this is the most obvious niche that Navigraph can fill right now. If you would put in some effort into filling this glaring hole in the sim (not being able to fly proper IFR plans), your role in the sim universe would be obvious. If you just wait for Asobo to do it, then you loose some clarity on what sets Navigraph apart from Navblue. Sure, you have the charts, and thats great, but people still cant fly them properly in the sim because of the problem with the nav logic in the sim. When the hole eventually is filled by asobo (not holding my breath here, since I dont understand why they haven’t at least mentioned this problem out loud) then people can choose between free nav database updated monthly, or pay for Navigraph and basically just get the charts extra. But Asobo is also talking about making charts available through navblue. Looks to me Navigraph’s future is backed up in the corner, and the obvious way out is to take the lead, and not be led by the nose by asobo.


Thank you for the feedback and interest. I’ll try to answer best I can.

Mainly because we are a data provider, we don’t build aircraft, at least for the time being. We can’t replace the default navigation/flightplanning logic as this is part of the core sim, and we are of course not able to replace that - only MS/Asobo has access to that. So the world map for example is only under the control of MS/Asobo. We are of course providing feedback to Asobo on navigation issues we encounter, but they have an extensive backlog as we know.

WT is in a different position as they do a mod that largely replaces the default systems, including the flightplanning logic. Their code is open source and is already being ported by other freeware devs like FBW. Payware aircraft are often bringing their own FMCs and custom nav databases so they won’t use the default logic at all. We focus on what we do best, provide globally accurate and high quality data, with full support for 3rd party developers (freeware and payware) and let them to what they do best, the FMC logic.

Similarly we do this with Charts - make our apps as useful as possible together with the new simulator, and providing means for third party developers to also use our Charts API to do their custom integrations.

We don’t share this view, we lead in the way we’ve always done, with close collaboration with partners in the market, with the technically most advanced and globally most complete and accurate data from Jeppesen, toghether with dedicated and responsive support. The issues with the default flight planner might be fixed one day by Asobo/MS but at the same time freeware and payware developers are building their own flight management logic, to provide a more advanced and true to life experience, as they have done in the past, and which is the very idea of addons/mods.

Again, thank you for your feedback. We always evaluate business opportunities and we’re aware of many limitations in the sim, but like we’ve said before these are up to MS/Asobo to resolve as we don’t have direct access, and mods/addons are already being built and are addressing such shortcomings in the default systems.




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