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Simbrief Zulu Time is on hour off my Zulu time , (Lisbon, Portugal is +00:00) the same happens wirh Msfs with Zulu time on hour off. Windows has the correct time.
When importing to Fenix, Flight Plan is afected by this and should happen with other planes.

Hi, if multiple different apps are showing the same issue, the problem is likely in your Windows clock/time settings.

Right-click on the clock in the lower-right of your screen, click “Adjust date/time”, and make sure all the settings are correct. Specifically the “Time zone” and “daylight saving time” options.

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Hi, my Windows time is set correctly. Portugal is the only West European country besides England, Ireland and Canárias (as you know belongs to Spain), that has the same time and Zulu time (00:00+) and that apllies in “daylight saving time” as you can see on a Zulu time map. All the others westen countries have plus 1 hour including Spain.
So meanwhile last night the time change to winter time, and the Zulu time in Simbrief and MSFS is correct but local time is incorrect, it as one hour in advance like i was in Spain, France, Germany etc…
As i can see Portugal is considered, in Simbrief and MSFS, having the Greenchich hour (00:00+) for one side and have the local time by one more hour in other side.
The question is what is the source of local time and Zulu time in Simbrief and MSFS because in Windows it is set correctly.

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Hi, the source of time in SimBrief and MSFS is your system time. There is nothing we can set or adjust on our end, it is 100% dependant on your Windows time settings.

The only explanation is that you have the wrong time zone or daylight savings setting, and then your computer’s UTC time has been “adjusted” forwards or backwards by 1 hour to compensate.

If you are sure that all of your time settings are correct in windows, perhaps Windows needs to be updated. Otherwise I do not know what else to suggest.

What does this website say when you visit it on your PC: https://time.is . Perhaps take a screenshot and post it here if you can.

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Hi, the situation is the same, Windows time is set correctly, with UTC and local time all set at the same hour.
When i first go to World Map in MSFS and in my city, Lisbon, Live time and UTC time are the same which is correct, the problem starts immediatly after select a depart gate or position, the local time advances by on hour and UTC stays ok with the correct time.

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Maybe this is an issue with the MSFS timezone definitions then. Perhaps it will be fixed in a future update, but feel free to post this report on the Microsoft Flight Simulator forums as well: Bug Reports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Is the SimBrief time correct now then?

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Hello, sorry for the delay since your last post, i think the problem it is now solved with the last small Msfs update, now the UTC and local time is correct, in this case the same.

Many thanks for your support.

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