Wrong waypoint selected when importing route from simulator

Lookng good - thank you but …
On loading a FP from EGKB to EGPB via DET and BAKER, your in game screen wanted to take me transatlantic to a BAKER that seems to be in Florida (!)
Neither the GTN 750 or MSFS do this - strange.

Hello David! Welcome to the forum and thanks for the feedback!

That is because the identifier BAKER exists in multiple locations, and due to technical reasons we cannot determine exactly which one is actually included in the simulator flightplan. That said, however, this result is surprising since it is supposed to guess which one you meant based on proximity to the rest of your route…

Will forward this to the team, and we’ll investigate it!

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After investigating this issue, can you confirm that you have the latest AIRAC installed in the simulator?

I am unable to find a BAKER waypoint anywhere in the UK, especially not in the area indicated by that GTN 750 in your screenshot.

In the latest cycle, the “only” instances of BAKER in the whole world is the one in the US that you spotted, and two other instances south of China.

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Dear Malte
To my surprise, you are correct.
BAKER seems to have disappeared, following the most recent cycle update.
Please see attached a screenshot of where it used to be, to the east of London city zone – I have used it often both in real life and on the simulator.

David Horobin
Sparepenny Lane
01322 863113

I see, that’s great to hear!

I hope you find a suitable alternative! Our route calculator currently suggests EGKB BPK UN601 LESTA UY250 GASKO UP18 ALASO DCT VALDI DCT EGPB, but I suspect that your route was customized :wink:

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