Wrong RWY based on weather and NOTAMs section

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this is the Metar info:
“EDDF 231020Z 21007KT 9000 FEW007 M02/M04 Q1015 NOSIG”

The generated flightplan by SimBrief is RWY 07R and one of the corresponding SIDs, but that is totally wrong. With a wind 21007KT the RWY 07R would be a tailwind T/O. Instead it should be RWY 25R/L and this are the open RWYs within the simulator.

Unfortunately this kind of bug makes the flight plan almost useless. Why should I use SimBrief if I would have to do it all by myself in plane?

Is it supposed to be like that or is it a bug that needs to be fixed?

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No bug here - possible a user error:

Current weather at EDDF:

… and here the route from SimBrief - you see 25L, correct according the weather.


The data I inserted:

The route of SimBrief:

The Metar, TAF and ATIS:

I never enter any specific RWY to SimBrief. No user error either. That’s why I am wondering.

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I got it. I loaded the flight and SimBrief was asking, if I want to change the time to the current time. I clicked yes and thought, that the weather will be updated but it wasn’t.

I came back to flight sim after a brake of some years. Now I try to find a setup again since everything has changed since then. But I am on my way and I enjoy it much how things are so professionel now.

Thanks for the input anyway.

Happy holidays