Wrong pilot ID


When I try to download a flight plan in MSFS2020, from SimBrief, I kept getting “Wrong pilot ID” This has me going nuts. How can I get it to download to my AC? Never had this problems before!!

It can only be one of two, and both do not work

Ron Whaley (UAL103)

Hi Ron,

Can you confirm which add-on you’re trying to import your flight plan into? MSFS2020 does not use your Pilot ID for importing routes, so I suspect you are using the FlyByWire A320, Salty 747, or some other third party add-on perhaps?

If you’re using the Salty 747 mod, try following the instructions here to enter your ID: Flight Simulator 2020 - How to - Using Simbrief with Salty 747 8 mod - YouTube

I will also PM you your SimBrief user ID to confirm you’re entering the right one.

Thank you, for getting back to me.

Yes I am using Salty 747 Mod. Will try again later this morning