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Hello, since few days i m unable to export flp from simbrief. Checked my account and found out that pilot id value is not correct. Could you indicate me the procedure? Thank you

Hi, can you give some more details about the error? Are you trying to download the FLP off the SimBrief website, or using the SimBrief Downloader, or directly through an add-on’s EFB for example? If so, which add-on specifically?

Please provide any screenshots that might help illustrate as well.


Thanks for prompt reply.
My issue is to fix some details into my account, e.i the Pilot Id is different than the value used to register, as well as the alias shows my initial password.
To create FLP i always used Simbrief downloader (unfortunately i m non able to attach the print screen) and I can normally import flp into FMS/EFB of Fenix a320, ATR 72 while since few days my account isn t recognized trying to import to MADDOG , FLYbyWire a320 and Self loading Cargo program.
To solve my question is : it is possible to correct my accont values or should I cancel and create new one?

Hi, your pilot ID and alias are available on the SimBrief Account Settings page:

Make sure they are properly entered into the add-on settings (MADDOG, FlyByWire, etc). I noticed in one of the add-ons you might have entered your e-mail address instead, which won’t work.

It is not possible to change the Pilot ID, but this should not be necessary to get it to work. You should instead update your add-on settings to match what the SimBrief Account Settings page shows.

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